When possible, it is Stark Industries advice to power a compressor electrically. Why, you ask?

A reciprocating engine has hundreds of moving parts; an Electric motor has one. The maintenance comparison for a compressor in this application is "no contest".

You may think your situation won't allow you to use an electric drive, but, you might want to reconsider. A properly sized generator and storage system will do the job. Perhaps, even a storage trailer is an option. The reasons for attempting the storage alternative are as follows:

  • An engine produces considerable vibration; an electric motor produces none. High Pressure compressors with multiple inter-coolers, are relatively fragile. Engines and related harmonic vibration are detrimental to all compressor components.
  • Engines produce a lot of carbon monoxide (CO). Electric Motors produce none. The presence of Carbon Monoxide can be a dangerous threat to the quality of air produced. Mixing carbon monoxide with other sources of contaminated air can jeopardize on site compression. Potentially poisonous smoke from the fire & exhaust of other vehicles, combined with variable wind currents, can create a nightmare for operating personnel.
  • Engines are much more expensive to buy and maintain.
  • Engines generate additional heat. Compressor valves and the purification process will suffer as a result. Heat is a major obstacle to producing good breathing air.

These factors certainly justify a serious pursuit of alternative solutions to engine driven High Pressure compressors. If no other options exist, Stark Industries engine driven compressors are designed to maximize efficiency & minimize space.

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Vertical series compressors
Vertical compressors are designed to occupy the least amount of floor space while providing the maximum access to all components for easy servicing. Special attention is given to the location of frequently accessed components to further facilitate routine maintenance.
Horizontal Breathing Air Comperssors
Horizontal compressor packages deliver similar performance but are less convenient for serviceability and take up more floor space.



Both compressors are designed for easy handling with forklift or pallet jack and will operate perfectly on solid flooring. There is no need for bolting or other special installation procedures.

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