Success Stories


Impulsora Subaquaticos de Cozumel began filling SCUBA tanks for other dive operations in Cozumel, Mexico in 1980. As the business grew an INVINCIBLE breathing air compressor was purchased from Stark Industries in 1982. The INVINCIBLE is a five stage, 15 CFM machine.

A second, then third INVINCIBLE was added shortly thereafter. When the three INVINCIBLES were running 23 hours a day to keep up with the demand, it became necessary to add larger breathing air compressors. Eventually two 50 CFM breathing air compressors and a 104 CFM breathing air compressor were added to meet the 1000 tank per day average. A record of just over 1500 tanks in one day was set in 1995.

By the time the business was sold in the late nineties, over 1ΒΌ million tanks were filled with Stark Industries breathing air compressors.


By A Single Customer

over one and a million bottles filled with Stark Industory' Compressors

Stark Industries purification systems will process air from any high-pressure source and achieve up to Grade H air quality. Breathing air compressor systems manufactured by Stark Industries have properly sized purification systems as standard equipment. Other brands can be fitted with our superior systems.